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XPEL Paint Protection Film

The ultimate self-healing paint protection solution for your vehicle.


PFS Florida

Our Fort Lauderdale location offers surface protection for yachts and cars.


Residential & Commercial Window Film

Reduce heat indoors, save furniture from sun damage and increase privacy.


PFS Architectural Division

Commercial and residential window tint and natural stone counter top protection.


We Are Protective Film Solutions

Our specialty is the application of automotive films. These include clear bra paint protection film (PPF), car wraps, window tint and ceramic paint coatings.

Bugatti DIVO Ladybug - Protective Film Solutions

Services we offer include color change vinyl wraps, printed wraps, advertising wraps, wrap design and invisible ClearPlex windshield protection film. We offer top tier paint correction in order to provide full service preparation prior to installing film.

Protective Film Solutions has been in business for over 25 years. During this time we have worked with very high profile clients and the world’s most exclusive cars. Thanks to the years of experience and the reliability of our service, we have forged a name in the exotic and hyper car business. From there, our work expands to daily drivers, commercial vehicles, trucks and more. When you opt to work with Protective Film Solutions we guarantee you are selecting the most experienced company in the business with the largest back catalog of successful projects. You can trust your beloved car to us at any of our 3 locations, where it will receive the treatment it deserves. PFS operates 3 locations – our headquarters in Santa Ana California, PFS Scottsdale Arizona where it all began, and PFS NorCal where we service our Bay Area customers.

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Orange County, CA

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Scottsdale, AZ

14425 N 79th St STE A
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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San Carlos, CA

952 Bransten Rd
San Carlos, CA 94070

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

15 NW 9th Ave
Fort Lauderdale FL 33311

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Your Prized Vehicle Deserves The Best in Paint Protection

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

The Best Defense is Paint Protection Film

There is no better protection for you vehicle’s original paint than paint protection film, also known as PPF. Recent technological advances in automotive film have made it so that today’s paint protection film is at a level like never before. Additionally, many modern paint protection films come with factory ceramic coatings making them not only resistant to scratches and gravel impacts as usual, but are now also self-cleaning, dirt-shedding and extremely hydrophobic.

Paint protection film (PPF) is a clear thin film that is carefully installed over your vehicle’s paint to effectively shield it from exterior hazards. This film is self-healing, as it absorbs small pebble impacts at freeway speeds. When inflicted with small scratches, these simply disappear before you even have time to check. Modern paint protection film is designed with a molecular composition where the outer skin melds itself to essentially repair itself from small scratches. The latest PPF self-heals quicker and and more reliably than ever before — often not needing much heat.

The only way to truly enjoy your luxury vehicle is when you know that if you hear a rock impact while driving your car is simply going to shrug it off and not come back home with a mark.

PFS Paint Protection Film Installation
PPF Installation Scottsdale Arizona

Paint protection film is virtually invisible after installed.

Paint Protection Film Installation Santa Ana, California

A layer of self-healing PPF will provides years of reliable protection.

Wrapping Jay Leno's New Ford GT

Wrapping Jay Leno's McLaren P1

The experience speaks for itself.

More than


Orange County, Scottsdale, Fort Lauderdale, and San Carlos locations

Clear bras, full body paint protection, car wraps and ceramic coatings

PFS Santa Ana OC

PFS Santa Ana OC is our headquarters in Orange County California. We offer paint protection film, color change and advertising wraps, ceramic coatings, window tint, paint correction, windshield protection and more. PFS OC has a PFS Architectural department for residential and commercial flat glass window film.

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PFS Scottsdale AZ

PFS Scottsdale AZ is the original Protective Film Solutions location. PFS Scottsdale Arizona places a focus on the core purpose of our company by installation paint protection film, windshield protection and window tint. PFS Arizona has a PFS Architectural department for residential and commercial flat glass window film.

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PFS NorCal

PFS NorCal in San Carlos, Northern California, services all of our Bay Area customers. This Protective Film Solutions location specializes in the installation of paint protection film, window tint and ceramic coatings. PFS NorCal has dedicated paint correction services to ensure your paint is the best is can be before adding protection.

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PFS Florida

PFS Florida in Fort Lauderdale services South Florida. We offer the same attention to detail you’ve come to expect from PFS. This shop is run on location by PFS OC staff to ensure you have the same experience. Protective Film Solutions Florida specializes in XPEL paint protection film, window tint and ceramic coatings.

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