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Protective Film Solutions is proud to offer Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating as our number one choice for coating high-end automotive paint, vehicle wraps and paint protection film.

Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating is engineered and made in Germany. The coating is formulated specifically for durability. The reason for this is because it’s 100% designed specifically upon the qualities of the base coat. The longer a coating lasts, the longer is can protect your vehicle. The combination of extra hardness and super long durability, makes Glanz the best solution for protecting your prized vehicle’s paint, wrap or paint protection film.

Glanz is not focused on flashy top coats. It all about the strength of that base coat. When it comes to durability and protection however, Glanz Ceramic Coating is second to none. The patented formula is designed to bind to the substrate it’s applied to at a molecular level. The coating does not sit on top like waxes and paint sealants. It forms a permanent bond with the paint or vinyl it is applied to. This makes it so that all micro-pores in the surface are completely sealed off from the elements. This bonding process creates a flexible solid coat that effectively levels the surface at a microscopic level. The level of permanent bond is the nature of a nano-coating.

The coat of Glanz is a lot harder than the paint or vinyl it protects. Due to the permanent seal, contaminants cannot enter the surface coated. Any contaminants that lay on the surface can easily be cleaned off. Just as importantly, the tough protective barrier formed by Glanz will not allow chemical reactions with your vehicle’s paint from outside contaminants. This means that bugs and other organic matter cannot etch your paint.

Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating is perfect for use on paint, wrap vinyl or paint protection film (PPF). The coating has a much higher hardness rating than paint. Vinyl is inherently soft and porous. For this reason, the benefits of Glanz Ceramic Coating are very obvious when used over car wraps. Paint protection film, such as that offered by Xpel Ultimate Plus, is self-healing and has a 10 year warranty. There is no question that it’s long-lasting.

Using Glanz over Xpel helps the PPF stay cleaner and will not negatively affect the self-healing characteristics of the film. In fact, it can even enhance it. 90% of the cars we work on get coated with Glanz Ceramic Coating. We are talking about super cars and hyper cars here, all enjoying the added protection and surface slickness of Glanz. The coating is proven to work. The owners of these gems are absolutely happy with the performance and looks of our ceramic coating. Additionally, they can attest to the durability of the coating, which is one of the most important highlights of Glanz when compared to many of the other ceramic coatings on the market today.

Glanz Ceramic Coating is fully engineered to work and last longer than any other coating on the market. The base coat first formula is designed so that the main coat that bonds to the surface, which is the part that actually protects, is more durable than anything else. The base coat is not as slick and wax-like as other ceramic coatings feel, but it’s the part that matters as it’s the part that protects.

Detailing Application of Glanz Ceramic Coating McLaren 720S

Glanz Ceramic is excellent for satin paint or matte PPF.

Ceramic Coatings for Super Cars

McLaren 720S in matte black receiving Glanz Ceramic protection.

Applying Glanz Ceramic coating to a C8 Corvette

Professional application of Glanz Ceramic coating on a C8 Corvette.

Professional installation of Glanz Ceramic Coatings

Glanz Ceramic coatings are installed in PFS OC, PFS Arizona and PFS NorCal.

Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating McLaren 675LT - PFS
PFS Glanz Ceramic Coatings McLaren
Glanz Ceramic Coating C8 Corvette PFS
Glanz Professional Ceramic Coatings by PFS

Professional Application

Glanz Ceramic Coating Professional Application

Because Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating is a permanent layer it is best applied by professionals trained and experienced in the application of permanent ceramic coatings. This ensures that the coating is applied correctly and guarantees longevity and good looks. This also ensures there are no imperfections, high spots or streaks in the coating.

Given that Glanz solidifies to an extra-tough thin, permanent coat, the application can be done in layers. The level of protection and durability increases with the amount of layers. The main purpose of Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating is to achieve a permanent coating, reapplication is not something you normally have to worry about like with traditional waxes or coatings.  However, the more layers, the more it will last. A thin layer application might require yearly reapplication. Depending on your vehicle’s usage, for example a daily driver versus a weekend car, it is smart to have us do yearly maintenance refreshers.

At Protective Film Solutions we offer various options for protection, each with a different amount of layers, expected durability and cost. Please consult this with us when you request a quote.

Heat Drying Glanz Ceramic Coating on BMW SUV

Using heat lamps to cure Glanz Ceramic coating on a freshly coated BMW SUV.

Want Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating Protection for Your Vehicle?

McLaren PFS Honeycomb Glanz 1
McLaren PFS Honeycomb Glanz Side View
McLaren PFS Honeycomb Glanz Front End