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Our cutting edge shop in Santa Ana, Orange County California, focuses on the installation of clear bra paint protection film and car wraps. The attention to detail does not stop there however.

At Protective Film Solutions our specialty is the application of protective films for your vehicle. This includes clear film as well as color change vehicle wraps. The films don’t stop there. We offer protection for your expensive windshield, window tint and commercial advertising wraps. Additionally, we offer nano-technology liquid protective coatings in the form of Ceramic Pro for exterior and interior.

To further extend the one-stop shop solution, we offer paint correction and other cosmetic enhancements. For example, if you want your paint to be perfect before the installation of clear bra or Ceramic Pro, our team of renown detailers can do that for you. We even go as far as offering brake caliper painting for that much sought after finishing touch.

The list of main services is below. Check out each section and click on any of the services below to go the detailed page for that service.

Clear Bra Installation - Pagani Huayra at Protective Film Solutions

Paint Protection Film

Keep your vehicle’s finish looking showroom new with paint protection film. Otherwise known as clear bra, clear paint protection film is self-healing and will protect your car’s original paint from the elements. Damage protection includes rock chips, bugs, tar and minor scratches. You can do just the front end, or the entire car! Paint protection film installation on exotic cars is what we’ve built our reputation upon. We offer Xpel Ultimate and SunTek Ultra as paint protection film choices. If your vehicle is matte, or you desire the matte look, you can opt for Xpel Stealth satin film.

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McLaren 12C Rolling Shot - Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle vinyl wraps represent the absolute best way to change your car’s color and appearance without affecting the factory paint. With a car wrap you are free to do whatever you want in terms of color and design. You are not limited to the confines of paint. The best part is, once you’re done with it, you can have the wrap peeled off and your car’s value will be intact thanks to the perfect factory paint below. Oftentimes, it’s better to wrap your car than replace it if you are in need of a nice change.

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Bugatti Veyron - Advertising Wraps

Advertising Wraps

Promote your business, brand or product while you drive! There is no better way to get the most out of your vehicle than to use its exterior for promotional purposes. This is great for private cars and a must-have for fleet vehicles. With an advertising wrap you can turn any vehicle into a moving billboard. Don’t forget to include commercial wraps in the marketing plan for your brand. Get the word out!

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Lamborghini Aventador Rolling - Windshield Protection

ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film

Windshields are expensive to replace. This is even more of a concern with high-end vehicles. Not to mention, the downtime and the hassle caused by the need to replace a cracked windshield is enough to make you consider protecting it. If your vehicle sees regular track use, protecting your windshield is even more important. At Protective Film Solutions we use install ClearPlex windshield protection film to solve this problem. ClearPlex windshield protection film protects your glass from chips and cracks produced by the impact of gravel and pebbles on the road or track.

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Lexis LC500 Windows Tinted in Orange County California

Window Tint

Window tint is likely the number one vehicle modification in the automotive industry. That said, it is not a commodity. The same care in craftsmanship and material quality that’s applied to clear bra should also be used for window tint. In other words, not every window tint service is the same. At PFS, we use the very best window tinting film in the industry from the likes of 3M and Pentagon. Combine this with the skill of installers experienced in working on super cars and you have the ideal recipe for a perfectly tinted windows.

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Protective Film Solutions Ceramic Pro Interior Application

Ceramic Pro Protective Coatings

Ceramic Pro is the most technically advanced vehicle permanent protective coating in the world. We offer full services for the application of Ceramic Pro to exterior and interior. This new nano-ceramic technology coating is harder than clear coat. It represents the latest in permanent protection for your paint. In order to apply Ceramic Pro to perfect paint we also offer paint correction service if needed.  Ceramic Pro is available for your interior as well. Protection can be added to your dashboard, inner door panels, console and seats, whether they are cloth or leather!

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Protective Film Solutions - One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

Need more? Here are other services we offer:

  • Paint correction and detailing
  • Brake caliper painting
  • Escort radar detectors
  • Wheels and tires
  • Aero parts like body kits, carbon fiber wings, diffusers and side skirts
  • Performance upgrades like ECU tunes, exhaust and other bolt-ons
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