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Take advantage of the latest residential and commercial window film UV/IR filtering technology – XPEL VISION Window Films. PFS installs flat pane window films in home and offices in Orange County, CA.

Your home and office need window film. The benefits are too great to ignore. Home and office window tint will substantially reduce the heat that gets inside. You can open the curtains and not have to worry about the extra heat. Furthermore, since the window film filters UV radiation and IR heat, your furnitures and fixtures will thank you. Flat pane glass window tint will help prevent your furniture from fading and aging due to sunlight exposure. Leather couches will remain soft. Wood floors will remain looking healthy. Your cooling system will not have to work as hard, saving you money in energy bills and system maintenance.

Residential and commercial window film is not the same as automotive window tint. The film itself is different. PFS Architectural Division is part of Protective Film Solutions. We install XPEL VISION Window Films which are specially designed to not shrink. This makes the film safe for flat glass. Automotive window tint is different as it’s designed to shrink. This can cause flat glass to crack during temperature changes. VISION Window Film is safe for flat glass whether tempered or not. PFS Architectural installs residential and commercial window tint in all of Orange County California, including Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and nearby cities.

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Protective Film Solutions home and office architectural division installs XPEL VISION window films for flat pane windows. XPEL is the world leader in window films. VISION window films are designed to block 99% of UV radiation from causing damage to you and your furniture. The IR blocking technology reduces the infrared heat that normally causes greenhouse heating indoors.

Heat-Rejection Window Film Video

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We offer the most effective solutions for reducing heat indoors, protecting from UV radiation and preserving marble counter tops.

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Home and Office Window Film Examples

PFS Architectural Division installs various types of film for flat pane glass. Our most popular is XPEL VISION solar film. However, we do offer other VISION options when the priority is privacy, safety or aesthetics. See the list of film options below.

Window Films

  • Solar Film for Home Heat Control
  • Solar Film for Furniture Protection from UV Damage
  • Solar Film for Commercial Building Heat Control
  • Solar Film for Inventory Protection from UV Damage
  • Reflective Privacy Film
  • Safety & Security Film to Prevent Burglary
  • Decorative Film

Reduce Heat In Your Home and Protect Your Furniture from UV-Induced Aging and Discoloration

Reflective Commercial Window Tint by Protective Film Solutions
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At home, your main focus might be simply to reduce heat. Protecting your furniture and saving money on cooling bills is a nice bonus however. Commercially, VISION Window Film can help keep your merchandise from aging due to sun exposure. While many shops want customers to be able to see inside, the same does not apply to most offices. We install reflective or frosted window film to keep prying eyes from looking inside.

Home Window Tint for Houses with Many Windows

When you invest time and money into a purchasing or building a home your planning decisions should not stop there. You need to consider solutions for preserving interior fixtures, furniture and floors. Additionally, you should consider ways to reduce energy consumption as part of your plan. Most modern windows offer the benefits of dual panes, but few include a solution for IR and UV filtering. The heat reduction from VISION Window Films is very substantial.

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