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Take a look at our exotic car culture video collection. This video collection is a sampler of everything PFS inside and out of the shop. Don’t miss our YouTube channel video feed and subscribe!

Let’s start with a direct feed from the Protective Film Solutions YouTube channel. Our latest video is just below. Further down the page we have some of our favorite videos from the last few years. We include a reel from the PFS Open House, special projects such as our work with Jay Leno and information about various products we install. Our number one focus is the installation of clear bra in Orange County, using the best PPF in the industry in the form of XPEL Ultimate Plus and XPEL Stealth paint protection film. That’s not all however. Thanks to our extensive car wrap work and our involvement in Gold Rush Rally, the roster of hyper cars and super cars in our projects is quite extensive… Therefore, very exciting.

Some of these videos feature XPEL FUSION PLUS, our ceramic paint coating of choice. We can apply FUSION PLUS to any car paint, vinyl wrap or clear bra installation for any vehicle in Southern California. We work on cars all the way from San Diego, to Newport Beach, Irvine and Santa Ana, to Los Angeles and beyond. In fact, due to our reputation in the installation of paint protection film and ceramic coatings in California, we have clients that ship us their cars from all over the USA, including the East Coast, because they want only Protective Film Solutions to install their protective products. Additionally, given our prep work is so in depth, we fully endorse the idea of perfecting your paint before any protection product is applied.

From the Protective Film Solutions YouTube Channel

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Cars and Coffee Holiday Toy Drive

“Hi I am Soren Swift, a 11 year old Car Enthusiast, Car Photographer and YouTuber.” Check out this video by up and coming Soren Swift, from our 2019 Cars and Coffee Holiday Toy Drive at PFS HQ in Orange County.

PFS Open House 2018 Official Video #PFSOH

The Protective Film Solutions Open House 2018 was a massive success. It’s hard to put into words just how amazing a day it was. There is so much we want to convey about the show. The best way to do it is simply to show you. Watch the official video from the event here.

DDE 991 GT2 RS and Chiron Feature

PFS Open House 2017 Video

Clear Bra Installation in Orange County California

At Protective Film Solutions our number one service in Orange County California is the installation of clear bra and PPF. We have many clients in Los Angeles that bring their cars to us in Santa Ana. Whether it’s a front end only clear bra or full-body paint protection film installation, our client base consists of A-listers and those who expect only the best. Our master clear bra installers are renown in the industry as the very best.

Take a look below at the clear bra paint protection installations we performed on Jay Leno’s McLaren P1 and newest edition Ford GT.

Car Wraps in Southern California

Needless to say, the most fun aspect of automotive vinyl is car wraps. You’re probably familiar with the concept by now. Car wraps allow us to give a car enthusiast whatever look they want for their car without ever having to affect their vehicle’s original paint. You can do a simple color change or an outrageous creative masterpiece of art. It’s all up to you. Our car wrap solutions serve the entire Southern California area, from Los Angeles, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Irvine and Newport Beach all the way to San Diego. Not to mention, all the cars that get shipped to us from more remote locations.

Gold Rush Rally

Gold Rush Rally could be described as a rolling gallery of Protective Film Solutions car wraps and designs. Just weeks before the event we complete dozens of exotic cars for this yearly event.