Protective Film Solutions Scottsdale Arizona is the premier destination for Xpel Ultimate paint protection film, XPEL window tint and Clearplex windshield protection in Arizona.

Offering the same top of the line work as our headquarters in Orange County, California, Protective Film Solutions Scottsdale Arizona focuses on clear bra and full body clear film.

As specialists in clear PPF film, window tint by XPEL and windshield protection by Clearplex make a big part of the day to day operations at our Scottsdale Arizona location. For window tint, our main focus is XPEL XR Plus as we believe it to be the absolute best window tinting film in the business.

For the protection of expensive windshields, Protective Film Solutions Scottsdale Arizona, uses Clearplex for the application of a protective barrier. This is ideal for high-end street cars, to prevent chips in the windshield that could lead to cracks and the eventual needed replacement of the glass. This sort of protection is also a must for track cars since they constantly see the rigors of gravel pelting the windshield when following someone closely on track.

If you are anywhere near the Southwest, even if it means a day’s long drive or shipping your prized car in an enclosed trailer, you want the clear bra protection your car deserves done at Protective Film Solutions.

Services Offered at PFS Scottsdale Arizona

Paint Protection Film
Window Tint
Ceramic Coatings
ClearPlex Windshield Protection

PFS AZ Corvette ZR-1

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