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Window Tint Scottsdale Arizona - PFS AZa

Protective Film Solutions Scottsdale Arizona is the premier destination for XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film, XPEL PRIME window tint and XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coatings in Arizona. Have it done right, the first time.

We offer the same top of the line work as our headquarters in Orange County, California. Protective Film Solutions Scottsdale Arizona is the original PFS shop focusing on protective solutions for your prized vehicle or luxury daily driver.

We specialize in the application of all types of automotive films. We focus on XPEL self-healing PPF film and XPEL window tint as part of the day to day operations at our expanded Scottsdale Arizona facilities. For window tint, our main focus is XPEL PRIME XR Plus as we believe it to be the absolute best window tinting film in the business. We offer the best in paint correction in order to make sure your finish is perfect before the application of any protective products.

If you are anywhere near the Scottsdale Arizona, you want the clear bra protection your car deserves done at Protective Film Solutions. This is because you want it done right, the first time.

Services Offered at PFS Scottsdale Arizona

Paint Protection Film
Window Tint
Ceramic Coatings
Paint Correction
VISION Flat Glass Window Film

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PFS Arizona Now Offers XPEL VISION Flat Glass Residential & Commercial Window Film

We install flat glass window film in homes, offices, shops and more. We service all areas near Scottsdale Arizona.
Our flat glass window film offerings can help control heat and UV damage in your home. It’s also effective in protecting merchandise from sun damage. The film is the ideal solution for controlling the amount of IR heat that can penetrate the glass, helping keep your spaces cooler and reducing your power bill. XPEL VISION film can be used as a privacy enhancer by opting for reflective film that’s very good at blocking visibility during daylight hours.

Licensed Under CSLB #1101066 – Arizona Cars LLC DBA Protective Window Coverings

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PFS AZ Corvette ZR-1

Scottsdale, AZ

Protective Film Solutions – AZ
14425 N 79th St STE A
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

+1 (480) 609-3787
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
[email protected]

Proudly using the world's best automotive finish protection products.

Window Tint Scottsdale Arizona

Professional window tint installation in Scottsdale Arizona.

Scottsdale Arizona Paint Protection Film Installation

The ultimate in paint protection film installed in Scottsdale Arizona.

Rivian Electric Truck in for Paint Protection Film

Rivian getting PPF installed at PFS Scottsdale Arizona.

2022 Ford Bronco Paint Protection Film Scottsdale Arizona

2022 Ford Bronco ready for paint protection to take on the Arizona desert.

BMW SUV PPF Install Scottsdale Arizona

Daily driver SUVs like this BMW are perfect candidates for PPF protection.

BMW M3 G80 Paint Protection

Enjoy your BMW G80 M3 knowing you won’t get rock chips.

Jaguar E-Type Paint Correction and Protection

At PFS Scottsdale Arizona we do wonders to correct the paint of your classic vehicle. To top it off, adding a ceramic coating will help conserve that improved finish for years to come.

XPEL Vision Window Film Logo

XPEL VISION Flat Glass Window Film for Sun Protection and Privacy in Scottsdale Arizona

Get the sun protection from heat and UV radiation that you need here in Arizona. Say goodbye to faded furniture, lower your cooling bill and achieve better privacy. XPEL VISION flat glass window film by PFS Architectural in Scottsdale Arizona represents the pinnacle of window tint for residential and commercial glass. Get a free quote today!

Modern Arizona Home in the Desert - Flat Glass Window Film Sun Protection

Receive a free quote for any of our services. Contact us today!

Protective Film Solutions Scottsdale Arizona

14425 N 79th St STE A
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

+1 (480) 609-3787
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
[email protected]