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PFS Architectural Division is brings Protective Film Solutions’ window film and protection film expertise to the your home and office for sunlight filtering and surface preservation.

PFS Architectural Division works on commercial buildings as well as homes. Our focus is XPEL VISION window films and TuffSkin countertop and marble protection film. Both of these products differ greatly from window film and paint protection film for automotive use. They are designed specifically for use in homes and offices, for flat pane glass and marble, stone and quartz countertops.

XPEL Vision Window Film Logo

Protective Film Solutions home and office architectural division installs XPEL VISION window films for flat pane windows. XPEL is the world leader in window films. VISION window films are designed to block 99% of UV radiation from causing damage to you and your furniture. The IR blocking technology reduces the infrared heat that normally causes greenhouse heating indoors.

TuffSkin Surface Protection Logo

Protective Film Solutions home and office architectural division is the exclusive dealer and installer of TuffSkin natural stone counter top surface protection. This world class technology protects natural marble counter tops from stains and etching that normal plagues these luxury tops. This helps prevent the need for time-consuming and expensive restoration work.

Window Film

We use XPEL VISION window films as we believe it’s the best flat pane glass film line in the business. The same way we believe in their automotive films, we feel their offerings for home and commercial glass are the pinnacle of technology and quality.

XPEL Vision Window Film Logo

Window film for flat pane home and office glass is very different than automotive window tint film. Flat plane glass film such as XPEL Vision is designed to not shrink with heat. Unlike automotive window film that is designed to shrink to adapt to the compound curves of automotive glass, XPEL VISION is designed to always stay true to the perfectly flat surfaces of architectural glass. Given that home and office glass is usually not as strong as automotive tempered glass, the technology in XPEL VISION aids in helping to prevent breakage during extreme heat or extreme cold. Additionally, you can’t park a house in the shade, so our architectural window films need to perform and last under non-stop grueling summer sun.

There are various reasons why you might want XPEL VISION films for your home or office. There are 4 types of XPEL VISION films: Solar, Security, Decorative and Specialty.

Solar film, the most obvious, is for heat and UV ray control. This window film is design to keep the sun from increasing interior temperatures. It is also very effective at reducing UV damage to interiors, carpet and furniture. XPEL VISION Clear View Plus solar film is designed specially for this purpose and is good for both home or commercial use. XPEL Vision Clear View Plus comes with a lifetime warranty.

This film will filter out 99% of harmful UV radiation from entering your living and working spaces. You can choose between a wide array of visual light transmission percentages. XPEL VISION Clear View Plus will also filter IR radiation which is the number one source of hot spots and heat buildup inside the home during summer months. This helps keep your home and office from becoming an overheated greenhouse and helps reduce cooling bills. Not just that, but it’ll save your cooling system from over-working during the summer months which reduces wear and chances of breakdown.

We also install decorative film which is often used for indoor glass. This is the film that is typically used for privacy between spaces for a frosted glass look or blackout. This is also the film used to divide glass panes between viewing and opaque areas as well as for stripes and other decorations.

In the security side of things we offer XPEL VISION Safety & Security. This architectural film is excellent for offices, storefronts or homes. It’s designed to make glass incredibly hard to break. This helps stop break-ins before they happen. Combine this with privacy methods that will prevent unwanted attention from peeking in and you have a surefire way of reducing the risk of burglary.

Finally, we offer XPEL VISION Specialty window film. This film isn’t super common here Orange County California, but it’s still worth mentioning. While XPEL VISION Clear View Plus solar film is mostly focused on preventing the sun’s direct heat from coming inside, XPEL Vision Speciality is more about slowing down temperature changes. What this means is that in summer, when it’s hot outside and cool insider, it prevents that heat from penetrating the glass and getting in. In contrast, when that temperature difference reverses itself during winter, the film prevents your home or office’s heat from escaping out into the cold.

Privacy Window Film Video

Heat-Rejection Window Film Video

Tuffskin Surface Protection for Luxury Stone and Marble Countertops

Protective Film Solutions is the exclusive TuffSkin dealer for Orange County California.

TuffSkin is a unique film that has been designed for the protection of stone countertops from etching and staining. This is not the same film that goes on a vehicle. It has a very specific adhesive that adheres to stone and granite while allowing safe removal later.

If you are familiar with our most popular product for cars, paint protection film (PFF), you will have an idea of what TuffSkin is all about. It’s much like PPF, but designed specifically for countertops. TuffSkin is a protective film for natural stone. At a thickness of 4mil, it is about half the thickness of automotive PPF. The adhesive is also much less aggressive. It’s designed to be removable later without damaging the marble below. TuffSkin comes in gloss or satin finish in order to give you the correct look to match your kitchen to where the film is pretty much invisible.

Drawing another comparison to the automotive side of things, much like with automotive paint protection, there are great sealers and ceramic coatings that really do protect a vehicle very well. However, film, even though is harder to install and more expensive to buy, offers vastly more protection. If you still want a ceramic coating, that can always be added on top of the film. The same goes for marble counter tops. A coating can definitely serve well, but the kind of protection and peace of mind you get from a protective film like TuffSkin is vastly superior.

Marble Counter Top Finish Protection by PFS Architectural Division, Orange County, CA.

TuffSkin luxury marble counter top surface protection.

Satin Stone Top Sealer - TuffSkin Surface Protection in Santa Ana, California.

Satin natural stone stain and etching protection.

Gloss Finish Marble Countertop Surface Etching and Stain Protection.

Gloss finish stone countertop protected from stains and etching.

Thick Chipped Marble Edges Luxury Counter Top

Chipped rustic edge thick marble gloss top protected with TuffSkin.

So many common simple household fluids can damage stone tops. Watch the video below and learn more about how TuffSkin can prevent the need for expensive and inconvenient restorations.

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We offer the most effective solutions for reducing heat indoors, protecting from UV radiation and preserving marble counter tops.

PFS is a member of the National Stone Institute #6018

Service Examples

Below is a list of some of the services we provide under the PFS Architectural Division. Our list of services goes beyond this, so if there is something specific you have in mind, please feel free to reach out and inquire.

Window Films

  • Solar Film for Home Heat Control
  • Solar Film for Furniture Protection from UV Damage
  • Solar Film for Commercial Building Heat Control
  • Solar Film for Inventory Protection from UV Damage
  • Reflective Privacy Film
  • Safety & Security Film to Prevent Burglary
  • Decorative Film

Counter Top Protection

  • Gloss TuffSkin Counter Top Protection Film
  • Matte TuffSkin Counter Top Protection Film
  • Ceramic Coatings for Tops, Cabinet & Appliances

Protection From UV Radiation, IR Heat, Etching and Scratches

Reflective Commercial Window Tint by Protective Film Solutions
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A comprehensive plan for the protection, preservation and additional temperature control of a new home or home remodel is often overlooked. New furniture is bought and placed but then you notice that it has begun to discolor due to direct sunlight coming in through the windows. The new stone top you just chose for your kitchen remodel, should have protective film installed from day one.

In commercial settings, a merchandising and display layout is designed and put into use only to realize later that there is a massive hot spot of sunlight potentially damaging your new merchandise. Granite meeting tables at conference rooms are prime candidates for protective film.

Protective Film Home

When you invest time and money into the kitchen of your dreams you should not stop there. A plan to preserve your kitchen should be in place if you are to actually enjoy using it. Otherwise, you’ll be worried about damage most of the time and not be free to enjoy it to its full potential. A plan for having protective film installed on your natural stone tops should be a priority as part of your kitchen remodel.

Interested in window tint for you home or office?

Would you like to protect your expensive natural stone tops?

Marble Counter Tops Luxury Kitchen Surface Protection in Orange County, California.
Protect Marble Counter Tops from Acids
Luxury Kitchen Stone Top Protection - Santa Ana, California

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