You only have one chance to protect the original paint of your prized vehicle – When the paint is like new. Don’t blow it.

No matter how good a paint job is, there is no coat of paint more valuable than the factory paint. Protecting your original paint is the single most effective thing you can do to protect your investment.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you need to do it as soon as possible. The longer you postpone or procrastinate, the higher the chances your new factory paint will get damaged. All it takes is one rock chip to make you realize how important clear bra paint protection is. Add a few more rock chips and you’d be wishing you had done it sooner. On luxury vehicles, high end sports cars and exotics, clear film paint protection is an absolute no-brainer.

At Protective Film Solutions we offer clear paint protection films by Xpel and SunTek. For gloss, you can choose Xpel Ultimate or SunTek PPF Ultra. If you desire the matte look, you can opt for Xpel Stealth. This will work for matte painted cars, or to convert a gloss car to matte look.

Our paint protection films are self-healing. This means that small scratches inflicted on the film will disappear thanks it its self-healing properties. This will happen naturally with a little heat exposure out in the sun.

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When you pay for a product with extensive warranties, you want to use a solid company for the service. The world’s top paint protection films offer up to 10 years of warranty.

You need a company with a long history of successful projects and just as importantly, future longevity. Yes, films are guaranteed based on the quality of the film itself. However, it’s the shop that guarantees the work done. You want a company like Protective Film Solutions because you know we will be here, doing what we do and standing by our product 5 years from now… 10 years from now.

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