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We are Protective Film Solutions.

We are based in the heart of Orange County, in Santa Ana California. Our company combines years of experience in the installation of clear bra paint protection film and vehicle wraps.

We service all of Southern California: Santa Ana, Orange, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Tustin, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel and anyone willing to bring or ship their cars to us.

McLaren 720S Protective Film Solutions

It All Starts With a Clear Bra

We offer complete protective solution packages by combining car wraps and clear bra with permanent ceramic coatings for the ultimate in looks, durability and protection. This combination of vinyl wrapping film and clear bra with Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating ensures that the entire gamut of paint protection is available to our customers. Paint protection film, also known as PPF, protects your paint from most of the daily road hazards while the coating of Glanz keeps the surfaces clean and slick, without ever having to wax.

Protective Film Solutions has been in business for well over 20 years. Last time we counted, we had serviced more than 40,000 cars. Our experience in the clear bra industry in California and Arizona is unparalleled and world class on any scale. This is the reason we service the most exclusive cars on the planet. A typical day at our Santa Ana facilities can include super exotics la Pagani Zonda, Ferrari LaFerrari, Koenigsegg Agera and Lamborghini Reventon. In fact, we protected with clear bra the very first Lamborghini Centenario in the USA. Around the same time we also installed paint protection film on the incredible Bugatti Chiron.

PFS XPEL Dealer of the Year 2019
PFS XPEL Dealer of the Year 2020

California XPEL Dealer of the Year

At the time of this writing, PFS has won the XPEL California Dealer of the Year award 4 times in a row. We’re not planning on slowing down any time soon.

Glanz Ceramic Products - PFS About Us
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Glänz Ceramic

Protective Film Solutions installs Glänz Ceramic coatings. Glänz Ceramic is our coating of choice due to our focus on longevity in paint protection. We believe every product we install for the protection of surfaces should, above all, last. At PFS we are confident Glänz is the most durable ceramic coating offering you years of protection for your prized vehicle.

Apart from installing Glänz coatings we distribute all Glänz car care products. These include wash and detailing products as well as professional coating products for approved dealers. We have formulated and tested all of our Glänz products to not only be effective, but safe to use over paint, PPF, wrap vinyl and ceramic coatings.

We ship Glänz Ceramic products right from our Santa Ana headquarters. Head to the Glänz Ceramic website and order today. Even if you have never stepped foot in PFS Santa Ana, you can enjoy a little bit of the action by using our car care products.

Bugatti Chiron PFS - Black and White
Black Ferrari 458 on Gold Wheels
Protective Film Solutions Headquaters in Santa Ana, California
Bugatti Chiron Clear Bra Installation
Ford GT - Protective Film Solutions

Our Headquarters in Santa Ana, California – In the Heart of Orange County.

In the last few years, our presence has grown substantially. Our headquarters in OC has nearly doubled in size. In our newest shop we can house and service nearly 20 cars comfortably. Even with this sheer jump in size, we usually remain booked for weeks at a time. The new clear bra installation facilities does ensure the very best venue for PPF, paint coatings and vehicle wraps in the entire industry.

The original Protective Film Solutions Scottsdale Arizona shop is as strong as ever. This shop is a powerhouse clear bra installer and also renown as one of the best tint installers anywhere. This was our first location and it remains true to its roots. If you are anywhere in Arizona, this is were you want to go.

Our customers include some high profile names in the automotive world, including one of the world’s top car collectors, Jay Leno. We have protected both his McLaren P1 and Ford GT with self-healing PPF. Both of these events are well-documented and can be found on our videos page.

The bottom line is, if you want the absolute best company working on your luxury vehicle, Protective Film Solutions is who you want.

Impeccable Service

Our success is based on providing impeccable service where customers continue to return when they have new vehicles to protect. If the customers are happy, we stay in business. It’s that simple.

Apart from providing paint protection film services, we offer a vast array of options to customize the look of your car. This includes color change vehicle wraps and printed wraps. We cater to many private car owners who want their vehicles to look a certain way.

Coating or wrapping imperfect paint is a bit of a no-no. In order to provide a complete paint protection solution under one roof, we have a team of the best paint correction professionals in the business. With this service we can polish out swirls and light scratches on your car before applying a ceramic coating. We can also restore paint on many exotic vehicles as much as possible, often reducing the need for a respray. You won’t believe what we can do to minimize rock chips without having to paint.

For the commercially inclined clients we offer solutions for using their car or vehicle fleet to advertise their business, brand or product. We do this by offering custom commercial advertising wraps for all types of vehicles.

Our specialty has always been exotic cars. Many of these vehicle can range from $250,000 to $500,000 and some to well over a million dollars. Still yet, a number of super exotic hyper cars that have graced our shop are worth a good couple million dollars. Thanks to the experience in working with such exclusive cars, we are capable of working on all types of vehicles with zero fuss.

Protective Film Solutions - Orange County Shop Interior.
Ferrari 488 GTB Paint Protection Film by PFS
Car Wrap SoCal - Santa Ana California
McLaren P1 GTR Lark at PFS
Protective Film Solutions About - Pagani Huayra
PFS Roland Printer
Ceramic Coating Application on a Lexus
Porsche 918 Spyder Collection at PFS