The Bugatti Divo Lady Bug One of a Kind Work of Art

The Bugatti Divo, originally unveiled in August of 2018, is one of the world’s most extraordinary vehicles. The model was pre-sold before production, within the same day of unveiling. The unique Divo portrayed here represents a single unit with an outstanding paint scheme. The one-of-a-kind paint work took 2 years to complete – from conceptualization, to fitting on test vehicles, to the final work. The paint work makes this particular Bugatti Divo the single one of its kind in the entire world.

Protective Film Solutions was appointed with the uncommon task of protecting such a rare gem. A task like this does not occur as ordinary fashion. We knew we must use the best technology available to carefully cover the painted surfaces with self-healing XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film. Exterior surfaces were all protected, barring the engine cover. The film was then sealed fully with a ceramic coating.

Hand – Crafted Paint Scheme

The attention to detail on the Bugatti Divo “Lady Bug” is unlike anything else. The Divo is already extremely special, with only 40 units produced. The bespoke hand-crafted diamond pattern paint scheme is the only one in the world.

The windshield received a custom cut layer of ClearPlex to prevent even the lightest of chips. This type of windshield protection is key for a car such as this. It would be an arduous task to even consider having to replace this windshield. The film would not only protect the outer surface of the glass from nicks and cracks, but also reinforce it.

Bugatti Divo Logo on Car
Bugatti Divo Tombstone
Bugatti Divo W16 Engine

An exceptional collector’s car such as this does not spend time in traffic or in inclement weather. It does see the road occasionally and is presented at exclusive shows. The main focus of the film in this case is not to protect the car from rock chips during the average freeway drive. The goal is preventing the slightest amount of marring or light scratches from handling. Furthermore, the installation needed to be flawless, and invisible, so as to not detract at all from the faultless paint work. In the future, the PPF can be safely steamed off and possibly replaced with the latest XPEL technology at the time… when the time comes.

Featured on the official Bugatti Website.

Bugatti Divo Ladybug Side View 1
Bugatti Divo Ladybug Side View 2
Bugatti Divo Lady Bug Front View - PFS Paint Protection Portfolio

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