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When you are the successor to the fastest production car in the world, you have big shoes to fill. Enter the Bugatti Chiron Hellbee.

Bugatti Chiron Hood Wrap Art - Protective Film Solutions

Yes, there were some records broken sparingly by other cars. Say what you will, but when you hear the phrase, “The fastest production car in the world,” you can’t deny your mind automatically brings up the image of the predecessor to the Bugatti Chiron you see here; The mighty Veyron.

Turns out that when you have genuine interests in a Bugatti Chiron – and can also afford it of course, you probably already own a Bugatti Veyron.

Yes, that’s exactly the case here. The owner of this black and yellow Chiron also owns the red Bugatti Veyron Hellbug. I say “the” Hellbug, because it’s the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse L’Or that will pop up immediately when you Google “Bugatti Hellbug.” Come on. Do it. Google it. You know you want to.

That’s not all. The car collection surrounding the new Chiron also includes a Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, Lamborghini Centenario Roadster and a McLaren P1.

Unsurprisingly, the successor to the Hellbug had to follow in the lineage beyond the marque. Think of it as a personal touch. The Chiron’s owner really liked the “L’Or Rouge” artwork carried on his Veyron Vitesse. Therefore, he wanted to bring a little of that over to his new Chiron. Just missing the “rouge” bit. That’s where Protective Film Solutions comes in, and the Bugatti Hellbee is born.

The Hellbee Look

Bugatti Chiron Hellbee Rolling Shot - Protective Film Solutions

There are two important things that need to happen with this Bugatti Chiron. First we have the topic of paint protection. Secondly, there’s the aspect of bringing in a little Hellbug into the Hellbee.

Since the cosmetics need to be taken care of first, we started with a plan to recreate part of the artwork. After much thought, the decision was taken to wrap the hood of the Chiron with a black and yellow artwork that follows the same look of the L’Or Hellbug. Since the Chiron has enough of a two-tone flavor going on around the entire car, it was decided the hood was all it needed to hint back to its older brother. Plus, we didn’t want to cover too much of the gorgeous factory paint.

Speaking of paint, once we knew what were doing about the Hellbee artwork, we proceeded to do a complete paint correction. As most of you know, no matter the car, or the make, or the exclusivity of it, during delivery from factory to customer some level of paint blemishes occur. These can happen during transport, storage, washing, etc. On a car of this level it’s usually just a bit of top surface swirls and very, very faint scratches. Regardless, it’s best to take care of these now when the car is new to make the honeymoon phase owner’s experience that much better.

Paint correction done and hood wrap applied, it was time to install the paint protection film. We have the best installers in the industry. There is no question that such a car deserves the best and most experienced crew working on it.

The installation of the PPF occurred as is customary in our Santa Ana California headquarters, with complete and utter attention to detail. During the process of evaluating the car, its shapes and how the clear bra film would be applied, we decided that something different had to be done about the rear deck.

The rear deck, the portion that goes over the engine bay, is very complex. There are multiple compound curves and very narrow areas of actual usable surface. After careful consideration we decided that installing paint protection film in this area, while it would work, it wouldn’t look the best because there would be too many seams. This is the one downside of trying to use clear bra PPF for areas such as grilles, louvers and vented engine lids.

Bugatti Chiron Rear View - Protective Film Solutions

Up until recently, technology was at a point where we had to suck it up and install the film the best way possible, even if there would be a lot of seams. Nowadays however, the technology exists that we can protect such areas even more invisibly than with paint protection film. So, the final decision was taken to use Ceramic Pro 9H and Light to protect this portion of the car.

The use of Ceramic Pro was key in making this Bugatti Chiron look the best it can possibly look. Since Ceramic Pro adds a level of scratch protection unparalleled by any other coating, we could protect this highly complex area without the use of PPF.

Yes, PPF is still more resistant to things like rock chips. That’s the reason there is no question about wrapping the front end with it. That all said, coating an area that is a lot less susceptible to rock chips, such as the rear engine lid makes absolute sense.

This is what it takes to allow the owner of such hypercar to enjoy it at its full potential. The Veyron Hellbug has been driven as it was meant to be. The Hellbee will follow in its footsteps. Now, with protected paint and matching artwork, when it goes back into the garage after a drive it will be as new as it was when it left.

Bugatti Chiron Hellbee Photo Gallery

All photos by Ted 7

For details about the type of work we did on this Bugatti Chiron at our Santa Ana, California Protective Film Solutions headquarters visit the following pages: Paint Protection Film in Southern California and Ceramic Coatings.