This the Protective Film Solutions C8 Corvette GT4.R build.

The GT4 nomenclature signifies the car uses the standard C8 body as opposed to the GT3 full dedicated race car version. After all, this C8 build is supposed to be a road and track car and not a dedicated race car. It has been very enjoyable on the street, track days, road rallies and simply taking it to car shows.

The car features Racing Sport Concept (RSC) side skirts and front splitter. These are molded to enhance the body lines so they really appear to flow with the car. These have cutouts at the bottom to expose the jack points.

The large wing is by APR Performance. The main wing section is a stock production unit, but everything around it has been customized for this build. The uprights were custom designed for this build as well. Normally the wing goes a little bit more forward. This exclusive design puts the wing a little more aft.

The car features a rear diffuser by Verus Engineering. It is a very bold unit that goes well with the car, given the entire thing has been conceived to be as close to a race car as possible, while still allow it to be useful road car. It allowed the removal of the rear factory mesh. The stainless steel exhaust is by Paragon Performance. The tips are custom by Zerek Fabrication.

The rear bumper cutouts with exposed tires and trailing diffuser make it so the car looks more like a wide-body. It’s basically a way of working with what we’ve got. Since we knew right from the beginning that the body width would remain the same as stock, we wanted to accentuate it as much as possible to make it look as if it were wider.

The C8 GT4.R sits on a set of Paragon Performance lowering springs for C8 Corvette. That, combined with their lowering collars made it so we reduced the ride height by about an inch and a half. This was absolutely necessary since the overall look, and performance, revolves around the lowered ride height. Of course, a complete set of coilovers is the usual “go to” for track cars. But, since this was also to double as a street car, we wanted to retain the front lift in order to deal with steep driveways and speed bumps.

CarbonTastic provided the carbon fiber steering wheel. The paddles are also carbon paddle and extended.

Corvette C8 Front Lights Detail
Corvette C8 Logo Badge
PFS Corvette C8 Build Exhaust Tips

The amazing EC-7 wheels by Apex round out the look and performance of this C8 build. It’s a tried and true set of genuine motorsport wheels that put track performance first. They do look amazing even if performance comes first before looks. The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

The wrap, which is of course our bread a butter, was designed to fit by Skepple. It’s based on the GT3.R race car livery. It’s fully printed and accented with metallic sections.

For all the details, check out our video below.

PFS Project C8 Corvette

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