When the core of your craft is paint protection, your focus is on performing it at the highest level possible.

We provide a good number of different services here at Protective Film Solutions. It all gravitates back to the art of protecting a car’s paint with paint protection film and a ceramic coating.

Here we have a 2023 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS (982) in beautiful Maritime Blue. This car came delivered directly from the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. Our job was to perfectly wrap every millimeter of paint to ensure that the Maritime Blue paint does not get riddled with rock chips.

The GT4 RS sports a slew of carbon fiber exterior parts such as a full carbon fiber hood, lower side scoops behind the doors and upper side scoops behind the door glass. Lastly, an inverse carbon fiber wing and carbon fiber side view mirrors complete the package.

Same as the paint, all of these carbon fiber parts were wrapped with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS self-healing paint protection film.

To aid in keeping the GT4 RS clean, and to help prolong the life of the PPF even further, we coated the paint protection film with XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating. While XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film comes with 12-year warranty, doing more to prevent contamination is still very helpful – specially if you have any plans of driving the car hard.

Porsche gt4 RS Paint Protection Close Up - PFS Projects 1
Porsche gt4 RS Paint Protection Front View - PFS Projects 2
Porsche gt4 RS Paint Protection Carbon Fiber Hood - PFS Projects 3

The combination of XPEL Paint Protection Film and XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating means this car is now ready for both road and track use. The PPF will protect the paint from the bulk of normal hazards you see on the road or on the track. The XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating takes it s step further by preventing contaminants from sticking to the PPF. During track driving, one common problem is that of hot rubber coming off the tires and track itself, hitting the paint or PPF and sticking to it. The XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating will make that stuff come off much more easily.

If you’re on the market for a performance vehicle, like this Porsche GT4 RS, or any other, we advise you to take action to protect its finish before you get on the road for the first time. More so if you plan to drive it on the track.

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